Things You Need to Know about Microsoft Edge

Users have a bunch of options when it comes to web browsers. While Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are possibly the most used browsers, Microsoft Edge is a thing. This new web browser comes with a boast of the advanced technology to give users a better browsing experience.

The web browser offers excellent performance with more protection and control. Not surprisingly it claims to be the best browser for shopping. With comprehensive learning and accessibility tool, it allows you to browse smarter.

microsoft edge

What is Microsoft Edge?

Edge is a cross-platform web browser developed by Microsoft. First released in 2015, it was initially designed for Windows 10 and Xbox One. In 2017, it was also available for Android and iOS and then followed by Mac in 2019. However, the stable version was not released until January, 2020.

In terms of extension and features, Edge is based on Chromium which is known as the basis of Google Chrome. That means it supports browser extensions used in Google Chrome. Just as with Chrome, new Edge will be updated every 6 weeks.

What makes it different from other browsers? Edge is a perfect piece for a shopaholic. This browser is packed with built-in tools that allow you to get the best deal when shopping. It also lets you find products in a lower price by comparing websites. Not to mention it provides a lot of coupons.


Microsoft Edge highlights a number of key features to give you another level of browsing experience. From customizable extensions to safe browsing, to organized web content, here are more features to enjoy:

  1. Customizable Extensions. This feature allows you to download favorite extensions for a better experience. Get extensions from Edge Addons store or Chrome Web Store and enjoy a faster browsing.
  2. Safe Browsing. To ensure the safety of your data and information, this browser features Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. It protects users from malware and phishing websites.
  3. Organized Web Content. Edge is integrated with Microsoft 365, which means it is easier to organize and export web content to Microsoft Word or Excel.
  4. Access from Any Devices. This browser allows you to stay connected. Simply sign in using your Microsoft Account and it will synchronize passwords, settings, and favorites so you can access it from any devices.
  5. More Control Over Your Data. Featuring InPrivate mode, Edge doesn’t save your browsing history and searches. It also allows you to take control over your data, thanks to tracking prevention that offers more transparency about trackers.

Microsoft Edge Pros and Cons

Edge has a long list of benefits, such as intuitive interface and excellent functionalities. However, it also has minor drawbacks to take into consideration. Here’s a list of Edge pros and cons you should know.


  • Lightweight
  • Supports major platforms
  • Perfect for shopping
  • More control over data


  • Supports Windows 10 and higher
  • Beta extensions


Microsoft Edge is new web browser but it has many to bring to your table. Developed based on Chromium, its layout is very similar to Chrome, not to mention it also supports all Chrome extensions. If you love what it has, download this software on Microsoft official website.

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