Make a Short Video using Vigo Video

Vigo Video is an Android application that you can use to make any multimedia hybrids in your Android devices. With this application, you can choose any pictures in your smartphone’s memory, adding the backing songs or the other audios and also setting the transition time between one picture and the other. Besides that, you can also add some text in that creation and then save it as MP4 Files. Don’t forget to share that creation in some social media such as email, dropbox, Instagram, and the other media that you want.

vigo video

How to use Vigo Video?

To start using this application, you can press the create button and begin to add some photos. To add the photos, you can choose the add photos option that is located at the bottom of the screen. You can take some pictures from your gallery, Instagram, or directly from your camera.

After you finished adding that photo, you can start to arrange them. You can move them into the right place or into the right position and arrangement with this Vigo Video application.

After all, photos are in the right arrangement, press the next button in the upper right position of the screen. It will bring you to the edit page in which you can make more changes for your creation, such as setting the auto time adjuster, changing the slide time, adding audio, title, font, and many more again.

If you wanted to share it with Instagram, the recommended time is 15 seconds, and to do so, you can choose the auto time for Instagram option.

Why You have to choose Vigo Video?

Why you have to choose this application than the other similar application? There are some answers to that question. First of all, making a slide show with Vigo Video is so easy and fun.

For example, this application will give all easiness to make 15 seconds slide show for Instagram and the other social media. Basically, it is a creative way that you can use to make a slide show creation. Besides that, Vigo Video is also 100% safe because it is available in Google PlayStore.

The Details and Specifications of Vigo Video

In order to download Vigo Video properly, you need to know about the details and specs of this application. First of all, the license of Vigo Video is FREE.

This application is developed by Cheerful, and it is supported by English languages and other 24 different languages. This Vigo Video application requires the Android 4.3 version and higher. That is why; please make sure that your devices meet that requirement.

Vigo Video has been used by more than 600.000 users. Besides that, this application is also light in size because of it just 34.25 MB for the size. It means that this Vigo Video application can run really well and fast in your Android devices (tablet or smartphone).

This application is 100% safe, and you can download Vigo Video from Google Play Store for your Android devices.

Those are the details information that we can share about Vigo Video. We hope that you find what you need.

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