Viva Video Features – Capture, Edit, Export

Nowadays, creating a story through some videos is really happening, and it is also called as Vlog. That is why; you will need a good application in order to make a great video every time. If you were a smartphone user (whether it is Android or IOS), you have to install Viva Video. What is this? Below is a further explanation about Viva Video.

What is Viva Video?

We will start to talk about the definition of this application. Viva Video is a video maker application, which means you can make a video with this application.

However, this application also gives more in which you can also edit your video with many interesting effects and themes. This application is compatible with both the Android version and IOS.

viva video

Features in Viva Video

In fact, we can also find a lot of similar apps, but Viva Video comes with a lot of interesting features that make this application is one of the best. What are those features? Below are the features that are offered by Viva Video:

  • Video Capture. Users can record something and make it as a video by only choosing the “capture” option in Viva Video.
  • Edit Video. This feature wills possibly you for editing video such as zooming, cropping, or reversing the video 90 – 180 degrees.
  • Video Effect. There are a lot of effects that are available that can be applied, such as text them (handmade text), FX, Filter, Sticker, Fonts, and Video Transition.
  • Slide Show. You can make an interesting slide show video from some pictures on your smartphone, and of course, you can apply many interesting themes on it.
  • Video Collage. This feature is used to combine two videos with two screens. Half of the screen is used to play the A Video, and the other screen is used to play Video B. You can also make a frame for the video.
  • Funny. It is the most interesting and the funniest feature because you can record yourself straightly from the camera, and there are some unique effects like a big head like an alien, big mouth, bright heads, big eyes, and many other funny effects that can be applied.

How to Download Viva Video?

The next question is how to get this application? To get this video maker and video editing application, you can get from various sources. One of the easiest sources would be from the Google Play Store, especially if you were an android user. This application can be downloaded freely and easily (for the free version).

However, if you wanted to download the PRO version, you have to pay some amount of money, but it is not really expensive.

From the features and qualities, the FREE version is OK. The storyboard that is used on its interface is unique and users friendly. Besides that, Viva video will also possibly you to straightly uploading your video to some social media like Facebook and YouTube or just keep the video as your private collections. Have a try!

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