Windows Host Process Rundll32 Stopped Working – What You Must Do

What should I do when my Windows host process rundll32 stopped working? Well, this typical question is common. As in my experience, I have had it once as well. So, I guess I will be helping you by sharing what you have to do to address this problem. No worries, it is a minor issue, so there is no need to be panicked or hiring professional.

windows host process rundll32 stopped working

What is Rundll32.exe

Just before I share my tips on addressing the particular problem stated above, I would like to share the basic information regarding the rundll32.exe itself. It refers to a process to execute the DLL’s and also places the DLL’s libraries into the memory. This is performed to allow more efficient use of DLL by the applications.

One thing is for sure. You should never terminate this program as it is extremely important to make sure the computer runs stable and secure. Make sure that this rundll.exe is located in the folder of System32 and not any other folders. Usually, when this issue happens, it can indicate something wrong happening in the Microsoft process. Or, it can also indicate a virus. Either way, it should be addressed.

Steps on Troubleshooting: Windows Host Process Rundll32 Stopped Working

  1. First of all, you have to update your Windows. Otherwise, you cannot do the necessary steps to make the rundll32 run again
  2. In case you receive the error whilst opening folders containing video files, you have to immediately turn off the thumbnails view.
  3. Then, you should do the following: open Control Panel, head to Folder Options, then straight to Always Show Icons and click on the Never Thumbnails
  4. Now, you need to remember when exactly this issue started popping up. Is it following a particular program installation? If it was, then you need to do the following:
    • Open Computer head to System Drive to Program Files and click on Common Files. Then, choose Ahead to DSfilter. Continue by renaming the “” to new name of “”. You also have to rename the “” using a new file name of “”
    • Finish by rebooting your computer.
    • If necessary, you can also uninstall or update your Nero software, and perhaps it will help.
  5. Another common cause is the K-Lite Codec Pack or Intel ViiV software. Therefore, in case you have installed both or one of them, you should try uninstalling it. Then, check whether the error still presents.
  6. To figure out which software actually causes the issue, you have to follow these steps:
    • First of all, you need to run the MSConfig in order to open the System Configuration Utility Window in your device. Then, click on Services and continue by checking in “Hide All Microsoft Services.” Do not forget to click on the button saying Disable All.
    • Then, click on the “Startup” tab and continue to click on the button saying “Disable All.”
    • Find the OK button and click on it before clicking in the Restart button.
  7. Try turning off the Data Execution Prevention; perhaps it will help.
  8. Or, run this particular program “Microsoft Windows File and Folder Troubleshooter” perhaps it will help.

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