Easier File Sharing with Zapya Application

In IOS, we are familiar with the AirDrop menu that can transfer any files quickly between the IOS devices. How about cross-platform need? There is a solution in which you can use the Zapya application. Zapya is an android application to send pictures, music, videos, even some applications for cross-platform needs like IOS, Android, PC, MAC, and Windows Phone.

With Zapya, you don’t need any WiFi connection, USB cable or Bluetooth. The core of this application is by using the hotspot service from the user’s phone or device that appears on a certain radius.


For knowing more about Zapya, let us read the description below.

Requirements for File Sharing with Zapya

First, let’s talk about the requirements of Zapya. First, the name of this application is Zapya. The size of the Zapya application is just 18 MB. It means that this application is light enough, and it can run smoothly on your device.

The developer is DewMobile, Inc, with a Free license. You can download Zapya on Google Play Store or from the other sources. The required OS for this application is Android 4.1 or higher.

Some Interesting Features from Zapya

There are some interesting features that we can get by using Zapya applications. Those features are as follows:

As one of the best sharing applications, it is really interesting to reveal the features that are offered by Zapya. Do you want to know those features? Below is the further explanation

  1. Zapya uses the hotspot connection. That is why; it can accommodate the sharing process of files even with big sizes with its original size, and it is really fast.
  2. Zapya can connect five people at the same time.
  3. Data Clone feature or phone replicate that can make you feel you have a new phone. It can accommodate the files moving from the old phone to the new one easily.
  4. Buddies feature, in which two people are able to share each other, and also they send instant messages as well.
  5. Cross-platform feature. This feature is available for phones, tablets and computers, IOS, Android, Windows phones, and many more.

Why We Have to Choose Zapya?

Maybe some of you are questioning why you have to use Zapya than the other applications? In fact, there are some reasons that support this case. First of all, Zapya is really quick. Furthermore, it can share any files up to 100 times faster than the Bluetooth speed. Next, its user interface is easy to understand and quite simple. It cans possibly you for sharing files only in some seconds.

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