How to Download Zapya for Your Android Smartphone

We can say that Zapya is one of the best and most popular Android applications that can be used for receiving and sharing many kinds of files. This application is getting really popular because it doesn’t need any internet connection, WiFi, or Bluetooth.

In addition, this application uses the hotspot feature or service from the user’s phone. Besides that, the sharing ability of this application is quite fast, with about 100 times faster than the Bluetooth speed.

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What are the Features on Zapya?

Zapya is getting popular because of its interesting features as well. What are those features? Let’s take a look below:

  1. Cross-Platform Sharing
  2. QR Code sharing
  3. Free to download this application from PlayStore and iTunes
  4. Phone replicate
  5. Share videos, documents, music and many more
  6. Fast transferring speed
  7. Group sharing and many more again

Those are the features of Zapya. If you wanted to download this app, you have to read the explanation below.

How to Download Zapya for Your Android?

Zapya is available at Google PlayStore. That is why; the ways to download it are really a piece of cake. If you were not too familiar about downloading an app from PlayStore, below are some steps that you can follow:

  1. First, open the Google PlayStore application on your Android device.
  2. Search for Zapya application by typing Zapya on the searching box
  3. After that, various lists or options will be displayed. Choose one that is developed by DewMobile.Inc.
  4. Tap that application, and the install button will be shown.
  5. Just click that install button, and you just need to wait until the installation process is done.
  6. After the Zapya application is successfully downloaded, the app shortcut will be made or created at the home screen. This is done to give easy access for you.
  7. Usually, you will get a notification if the installation process was downloaded or installed
  8. After you were getting that notification, you can use and enjoy Zapya.

Those are some simple step-by-step that you can follow for installing Zapya from Google PlayStore. Besides installing from PlayStore, you can also get Zapya from third parties or from the other sources. However, make sure that you had already made a setting on your android device to allow the installation for third parties. Besides that, make sure that you are also downloading Zapya only from the trusted sources.

Zapya Files Information and Requirements

In order to download and install Zapya properly, you have to meet the requirements that were made by Zapya. The name of this application is Zapya version 5.8.7 APK, which is updated on December 27, 2019.

The size of the Zapya application is just 11 MB. It means that this application is light enough, and it can run smoothly on your device. The developer is DewMobile Inc, with a Free license.

You can download Zapya on Google Play Store or from the other sources. The required OS for this application is Android 4.1 or higher.

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