Update the Software in Your PC with SUMo

If you have and use lots of software on your PC, it can be a daunting task to check each and every software if they have any updates. Fortunately, there are programs that can help you check whether your software is up to date or not. Among them is SUMo.


What is SUMo?

Software Update Monitor, more popularly known as SUMo, is a program designed to help users keep their PC up to date. Unlike built-in automatic update features in applications, this program tells you available updates even before you open the applications in question.

Who Developed SUMo?

The program was created by KC Softwares. Both free and paid versions are available. Of course, like just about any other program, the paid version comes with many more features. For this program, the additional features available on the paid version include direct update and automatic self-update.

SUMo Features

Some of the features and highlights of this program include

  • Automatic detection of installed software
  • Detects required patches or updates for installed software
  • Ignore list, using which you can ignore the updates for the chosen software
  • Less false positive and more compatibility compared to other similar programs
  • Internalization support

How It Works

SUMo is a straightforward and simple tool. All you need is to run the program (this can be done normally or from a portable location) then click the Check button. The program will then find whether the applications on the list have any updates or not.

If you are using the paid version, you can set the software to do the update automatically for you. The paid version also comes with DUMo as well as various other integrations and additional features. However, despite these additions, it is still a lightweight tool.

Pros and Cons

This program has its pros and cons, just like any other program. Below we listed the pros and cons of this program.


It supports a vast number of applications. You will be able to find the latest versions of lots of software using it.

  • It can distinguish which applications need a major update and which need a minor update.
  • It allows you to choose the folders in which to look for updates.
  • It can be run both normally and from a portable location.


  • Searches can be slow due to the vast number of applications the program supports.
  • While the program tells you if there is any update available, it doesn’t show the download page where you can update the software. Since a direct link to update the software is not provided, you have to find the download manually.

Where to Download

Want to try the program? Below, we provided two links where you can download the program.

If you want to download the program from the official website, click the link below

Alternatively, you can also download it from Filehorse. Just click the link below

Overall, SUMo is a good program that assists you to manage the update of applications you use on your computer. Since it supports a vast number of applications, it will make finding updates for applications a lot easier. Yes, even if you still need to download the updates manually.

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